Hanamurasaki: Donations to the Noto Peninsula Earthquake Recovery

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In response to the recent Noto Peninsula earthquake, we at Hanamurasaki are taking the initiative to contribute to the recovery efforts.
We will donate 10% of the proceeds from our accommodation fees on bookings made from the 1st of January to the 29th of February.

Watching the devastation caused by the Noto Peninsula earthquake on the news, we are deeply saddened to see the damage caused to the community. While we can only hope that the impact does not worsen, as a company apart of the community in Ishikawa Prefecture, we feel a responsibility to do what we can, however modest.

Fortunately, Hanamurasaki, located in Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture, has not suffered significant damage, and we continue our business as usual.

In times of disaster, unity is the priority in working towards restoring the lives of those affected. It is not only the efforts of those affected essential to rebuild but also those of the regions unaffected by the disaster. We believe maintaining a sense of normalcy rather than adopting a self-restrained approach to help rebuild the communities affected is essential.

All funds gathered through donations will be used to support the ryokans, hotels, craftsmen and artisans in the affected areas and to fellow contributors to the tourism and travel industry in Ishikawa Prefecture.

We sincerely hope to support those affected by this tragedy and to restore the communities as quickly as possible.

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Donation Period: January 5th to February 29th

Donation Details
・ 10% of the proceeds from the accommodation fees during the specified period will be donated by Hanamurasaki to support the recovery efforts from the 2024 Noto Peninsula earthquake.
・All plans during the relevant period are eligible (Only reservations made through the official website are eligible for donation).
・Donations will be used towards initiatives that support the ryokans, hotels, craftsmen and artisans in the disaster-stricken area.